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What are the benefits for fashion brands and designers?

Fashion brands and designers can receive quotations faster, with cheaper prices and lower minimum order quantities. Factoryfinder also takes care sample making and production processes, communication with factories, shipping, QA & QC and customs. We guarantee that all factories in our network have ethical conducts, and high quality. With FactoryFinder, fashion brands and designers can manage their production run hassle-free and focus on building their brands.

How does FactoryFinder work ?

FactoryFinder collects data about quotation requests, specifications, production schedule from fashion brands, designers, and data about main product line, textile materials, sourcing techniques, and available time slots from apparel manufacturers to suggest the best quotations for any given order. FactoryFinder has their own team to go visit the factories to verify their working conditions and ethical conducts. With FactoryFinder, fashion brands and designers can make sure that they only work with high quality and responsible apparel manufacturers.

How much does it cost ?

FactoryFinder is completely free to use. Fashion brands and designers can send quotation request without any cost. We only take commission on successful order, and there is no hidden fee.

How do you go about verifying the factories ?

We have our own operational team in Vietnam that verifies the facilities before adding them to our network. We use the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) standards to check the environmental and ethical aspects of the factories.

What services does FactoryFinder provide ?

FactoryFinder offer services for all stages of production. We can help fashions brands and designers find suitable materials, make precise samples, and product their products.

What happens if the products are wrong/broken ?

Currently, we have negotiated terms with the factory where they are responsible for faulty products. Later, we will implement a standardized trade assurance policy. This means that the customer can choose to either have a refund from the factory or have the factory redo their products.

I want to use your service, what do I do ?

So all you need to do is go to, send a quotation request, a design or product specifications, and wait. You will receive quotation offers from the most suitable factories, and you can start communicate with factories and order samples. You then can follow the process, update changes and receive invoices from there. All on our platform.

Why Vietnam ?

Vietnam is becoming the next major manufacturing hub in the world. In addition, just last year, Vietnam signed two of the biggest free trade agreements in history. So in the next 5 years, products made in Vietnam, especially textiles, can be imported tariff free to the EU and US. At the moment, the economical and political situation of Vietnam is giving us a natural competitive advantage over other competitors in other manufacturing hubs.

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