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With FactoryFinder, you don’t have to worry about complex communications, logistics or quality control.
We want to let you focus on your designs and brand, while we take care of the whole sourcing process.
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Flexible minimum order quantities

We accept flexible order quantities. Whether you order a small order of a few T-Shirts or a mass production of thousands Jackets, we can find the right manufacturer for you. We enable designers to scale their brand from 1 to 10.000 units with a click of a button

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Work with high-quality factories

We connect you directly with high-quality manufacturers. We have our own quality assurance, and take full responsibility of your manufacturing process until you have fully approved the delivered product

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Fully control your supply chain

Create a project, get quotations, and follow the production process. All in one place. Our platform manages the schedule of your project carefully, to make sure your product arrives when you need it and in the quality you planned for.

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Save time, money and effort

We leverage our good relationships with the factories for better fabric sourcing and production to provide you with competitive quotations.

Full Service

We’re here to help you at every stage of your journey
Material Selection

Material Selection

Find the materials you’re looking for by letting us know about the material specifications, and we’ll have it delivered for you. The wide range of material supply includes everything from rare Lanh My A-silk to the highest-quality cottons and leather.

Sample Making

We offer sample making for your designs. Send us a tech pack or a prototype and we’ll find a suitable factory to make your sample. When ready, our local quality control team makes sure it lives up to your standard. If you’re satisfied with the sample product, you can choose to move to production.

Sample Making
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Get your production started with us. We only need to know about your design, order quantity and material requirements. We’ll match you with a suitable factory for your order, and keep you updated on the progress of the production. When ready, we’ll have your products shipped to you at your convenience.

Effortless Manufacturing

FactoryFinder made manufacturing simple. Submit a design and we take care of the rest.

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FactoryFinder is amazing!

FactoryFinder is amazing! I don’t need to stress about anything, allowing me to focus on my brand and designs.

Emmi kainulainen / C H A Î N E - Founder & CEO


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